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Welcome to Fintech Cadence's Canadian Fintech Ecosystem Map. We work hard at providing the most complete and comprehensive listing of all incorporated fintech organizations throughout Canada. You can use this map to learn more about a certain company or discover new innovative startups. The list can be sorted by location as well as by vertical to help you refine your search. This map was last updated in November 2019.

Canadian Provincial Fintechs Segmentation
LogoCompany NameYear FoundedLocationEmployees
La Ruche Quebec2013Quebec City, QC40
FrontFundr2013Vancouver, BC23
Thrinacia2013Vancouver, BC9
FundRazr2009Vancouver, BC7
WeiFund2015Toronto, ON6
Einsteinium2014Montreal, QC6
Plentti2013Vancouver, BC5
ODE Technologies2002Montreal, QC4
Make a Champ2012Montreal, QC4
Giving Gateway2014Toronto, ON4
Publaunch2015Toronto, ON3
McGill Seeds of ChangeNAMontreal, QC3
Haricot2011Montreal, QC3
Equity.IO2014Calgary, AB3
Donorhut2015Winnipeg, MB3
gotroo.com2015Montreal, QC2
Vested2015Vancouver, BC2
Open Avenue2013Toronto, ON2
Make Giving Happen2018Ottawa, ON2
Luevo2013Toronto, ON2
ArtsFunding.ca2015Toronto, ON2
PasSportme2016Mississauga, ON
HERD Label2016Montreal, QC
ConsiderFunding.com2015Vancouver, BC
BackerCity2016Markham, ON
Alberta BoostR2013Calgary, AB