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Welcome to Fintech Cadence's Canadian Fintech Ecosystem Map. We work hard at providing the most complete and comprehensive listing of all incorporated fintech organizations throughout Canada. You can use this map to learn more about a certain company or discover new innovative startups. The list can be sorted by location as well as by vertical to help you refine your search. This map was last updated in November 2019.

Canadian Provincial Fintechs Segmentation
Insurance Tech
LogoCompany NameYear FoundedLocationEmployees
ClaimsPro1986Edmonton, AB846
EquiSoft1994Montreal, QC317
Opta Information Intelligence2012Markham, ON300
League Inc.2014Toronto, ON223
Symbility Solutions2002Toronto, ON191
Sonnet2016Toronto, ON159
SurexDirect2011Magrath, AB89
My Insurance Broker2008Richmond Hill, ON88
Keal1988Concord, ON82
Encircle2012Kitchener, ON62
MIG Insurance1995Winnipeg, MB57
Square One2011Vancouver, BC56
Insurance Systems1997Toronto, ON50
Besurance Corporation2013Calgary, AB50
Analyze Re2013Halifax, NS50
Pets Plus Us2013Oakville, ON40
Sprout At Work2011Toronto, ON35
Carebook2012Montreal, QC32
RateLab2011Toronto, ON30
Policy Works1991Calgary, AB29
Finaeo2016Toronto, ON29
Aha Insurance2017Waterloo, ON27
Breath Life2018Montreal, QC26
Baseline Telematics2006Laval, QC26
Insurr2016Toronto, ON25
ICat2009Markham, ON25
APEXA2014Toronto, ON25
ProNavigator2016Kitchener, ON22
Nuera2015Calgary, AB22
Insurance Hero2011Toronto, ON20
Imetrik2005Montreal, QC19
Zensurance2016Toronto, ON18
ClearRisk2006St. Johns, NL15
Virtual Claims Adjuster1999Mississauga, ON12
The Reformulary Group2011Toronto, ON12
Rel8ed2015St. Catharines, ON12
ClientDesk Inc.2015Toronto, ON11
Chisel AI2015Toronto, ON11
PrimeLink Travel Medical Insurance2005Windsor, ON10
Covera2016Montreal, QC10
Goose Insurance Services Inc.2018Vancouver, BC9
UbiosNAMontreal, QC8
FlightClaim.ca2016Brossard, QC8
Dream insurance2016North York, ON8
BrokerLift2015Toronto, ON8
blueC 8022003Kitchener, ON7
InsureCert2017Vancouver, BC7
Liscena2017Toronto, ON6
Life Design Analysis2013London, ON6
Foxquilt2016Toronto, ON6
Emma Labs2017Quebec City, QC6
eClaims Workflow2012Toronto, ON5
ZipSure2011Dartmouth, NS5
Visitor Guard2014Kitchener, ON5
Sumo2017Toronto, ON5
Netsurance2015Vancouver, BC5
Drven2014Toronto, ON5
Cultuvo2016Toronto, ON5
Click Capital2010Toronto, ON5
Allset2017Montreal, QC4
Stadius2018Calgary, AB3
All AI2017Montreal, QC3
karma2016Boucherville, QC2
Konneko2018Montreal, QC2
Kerby-Reid2010Toronto, ON2
Jauntin'2016Toronto, ON2
Brokercore2014Calgary, AB2
Actuarial Perspective2014Mississauga, ON1
bene-FIX2018Montreal, QC
Stonewell Travel Insurance1995Toronto, ON
Sharp Mobile2014Calgary, AB
Relay Platform Inc.2018Toronto, ON
Peer Circle Agency Inc.2018Toronto, ON
Just-insuring2016Montreal, QC
Insurpia2014Thornhill, ON
InsureMy2017Calgary, AB
FreeCarInsuranceQuote2016Quebec City, QC
Claim Control2004Ottawa, ON
Acceptiv2014North York, ON