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Welcome to Fintech Cadence's Canadian Fintech Ecosystem Map. We work hard at providing the most complete and comprehensive listing of all incorporated fintech organizations throughout Canada. You can use this map to learn more about a certain company or discover new innovative startups. The list can be sorted by location as well as by vertical to help you refine your search. This map was last updated in November 2019.

Canadian Provincial Fintechs Segmentation
Investment Tech
LogoCompany NameYear FoundedLocationEmployees
Questrade Financial Group1999Toronto, ON476
Canaccede Capital2008Toronto, ON200
Croesus1987Montreal, QC193
FinCAD1990Surrey, BC159
GoldMoney2014Toronto, ON81
Canalyst2015Vancouver, BC81
Agreement Express2001Vancouver, BC81
Purpose Investments2013Toronto, ON57
CanDeal2001Toronto, ON52
Beanstox2018Montreal, QC50
TickSmith2012Montreal, QC47
Nest Wealth2014Toronto, ON44
PureFacts1995Toronto, ON42
Finlogik1998Montreal, QC39
Street Contxt2012Toronto, ON38
Koreconx2016Toronto, ON38
Miltre Media2011Toronto, ON34
Kooltra2012Toronto, ON31
d1g1t2017Toronto, ON30
Hockeystick Inc.2014Toronto, ON28
AlphaDesk2008Toronto, ON27
Mylo Financial Technologies2015Montreal, QC23
MarketIQ2011Toronto, ON20
Inovestor1999Montreal, QC20
Voleo2013Vancouver, BC19
Infinite Investment Systems2004Toronto, ON18
KN0X2017Montreal, QC16
TelosTouch2017Toronto, ON14
Responsive2014Vancouver, BC12
Overbond2015Toronto, ON12
ModernAdvisor2013Vancouver, BC10
InvestX Capital2013Vancouver, BC9
Wealthscope2017Toronto, ON7 Inc.2019Toronto, ON7
Manzil2017Toronto, ON7
Brix RCR2011Toronto, ON7
Wealthica2015Montreal, QC6
Snap Projections2014Mississauga, ON6
Smarttick2009Surrey, BC6
Smart Money Invest2014Toronto, ON6
Huxton Black2016Hamilton, ON6
Fairom Inc.2018Toronto, ON6
EquityFeed2001Montreal, QC6
EOTPRO2006Vancouver, BC6
Vexo2017Toronto, ON5
TachVault2014Toronto, ON5
Running Alpha2015Toronto, ON5
Passiv2017Fredericton, NB5
Omega ATS2007Toronto, ON5
OCMX2012Montreal, QC5
Justwealth2015Toronto, ON5
Capiche2015Vancouver, BC5
Accept Local2014Vancouver, BC5
Vuru2014Montreal, QC4
Tick Trade2014Toronto, ON4
Comflo Inc.2017Calgary, AB4
CapIntel2017Toronto, ON4
Stockpools2011Vancouver, BC3
Mnikolic Investment Technologies2009Toronto, ON3
Crowdmatrix Inc.2015Toronto, ON3
MotiveWave2010Kelowna, BC2
Findynamics2016Montreal, QC2
Finatechal2016Toronto, ON2
Berman Sarrazin2013Montreal, QC2
AlgoTrades2013Collingwood, ON2
EquitySoft Investments Valuation2013Vancouver, BC1
Bosse Capital & Holdings2012Montreal, QC1
Betterworth2018Waterloo, ON1
Altruly Canada2017Hamilton, ON1
The Up Trend2000Toronto, ON
Stockhouse2008Vancouver, BC
StockRenderNAToronto, ON
Seeking OptionsNAON
SecondaryLink2013Toronto, ON
Responsive AI2015Vancouver, BC
InvestRica2013Toronto, ON
Haywood Financial Technology2006Montreal, QC
ChartSmart2011Vancouver, BC