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Welcome to Fintech Cadence's Canadian Fintech Ecosystem Map. We work hard at providing the most complete and comprehensive listing of all incorporated fintech organizations throughout Canada. You can use this map to learn more about a certain company or discover new innovative startups. The list can be sorted by location as well as by vertical to help you refine your search. This map was last updated in November 2019.

Canadian Provincial Fintechs Segmentation
LogoCompany NameYear FoundedLocationEmployees
Coinsquare2014Toronto, ON138
Bitfarms2017Brossard, QC65
Blockstream2014Victoria, BC61
Consilium Crypto2017Toronto, ON31
BitRush Corp2014Toronto, ON30
Decentral Inc.2014Toronto, ON28
OneLedger2017Toronto, ON23
Nebula AI2017Montreal, QC23
Coinfield2017Vancouver, BC18
Paycase2014Toronto, ON17
Localcoin2016Toronto, ON17
Bitaccess2013Ottawa, ON16
3IQ2012Toronto, ON16
Netcoins2014Vancouver, BC15
Coinberry2017Toronto, ON15
Bitcoin Solutions2013Edmonton, AB15
Hyperblock2016Toronto, ON13
Ledn2018Toronto, ON11
Vogogo2008Toronto, ON10
Hut82017Toronto, ON10
NDAX Inc.2017Calgary, AB9
Shakepay2015Montreal, QC8
HIVE Blockchain2017Vancouver, BC8
Kryptoin ETFs2017Toronto, ON7
Hedgie2018Toronto, ON7
Altcoin Fantasy2018Vancouver, BC7
instacoin2015Montreal, QC6
Phaze2017Toronto, ON6
Neptune Dash2017Vancouver, BC6
Groundhog Network2018Halifax, NS6
Potcoin2014Montreal, QC5
HodlBot.io2018Waterloo, ON5
Citizen Hex2017Toronto, ON5
Xeohive2016Montreal, QC4
Morrex2013Sherbrooke, QC4
HashChain2017White Rock, BC4
Apifini2017Ottawa, ON3
Equibytes2017Montreal, QC2
Tinker2014Waterloo, ON
Quebex2016Montreal, QC
Canadian Bitcoins2011Ottawa, ON
Bitcoiniancs2014Vancouver, BC