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Welcome to Fintech Cadence's Canadian Fintech Ecosystem Map. We work hard at providing the most complete and comprehensive listing of all incorporated fintech organizations throughout Canada. You can use this map to learn more about a certain company or discover new innovative startups. The list can be sorted by location as well as by vertical to help you refine your search. This map was last updated in November 2019.

Canadian Provincial Fintechs Segmentation
LogoCompany NameYear FoundedLocationEmployees
Nuivei2003Montreal, QC966
Lightspeed2005Montreal, QC605
TouchBistro2011Toronto, ON389
PsiGate1998Toronto, ON350
Elastic Path Software2000Vancouver, BC210
Zomaron2008London, ON153
Paymotion2017Victoria, BC126
Glance Technology2015Vancouver, BC126
Presto Card2007ON125
Paymytuition1996Toronto, ON125
EncoreFX2014Victoria, BC123
Snap Financial Group2006Vancouver, BC92
Carta Worldwide2006Oakville, ON80
Payfirma2011Vancouver, BC76
Drop2015Toronto, ON76
Checkfront2010Victoria, BC72
nanopay2012Toronto, ON65
DCR Strategies2000Mississauga, ON64
Mobeewave2011Montreal, QC61
Expertus2001Montreal, QC59
Telpay1985Winnipeg, MB54
Ivrnet2003Calgary, AB54
Expertus2001Montreal, QC54
Payment Source2013Toronto, ON49
Smooth Commerce2012Toronto, ON44
Payment PayFacto Inc.2014Montreal, QC41
Berkeley Payment Solutions2005Toronto, ON41
Delego1997London, ON39
Stack2016Toronto, ON35
Payfare2014Toronto, ON34
Helcim2007Calgary, AB33
PayWith2011Vancouver, BC31
Dream Payments2014Toronto, ON31
Monex Group2001Toronto, ON30
E-xact1998Vancouver, BC26
Zoompass2017Toronto, ON25
VIO Commerce2014Vancouver, BC25
RentMoola2013Vancouver, BC25
Playpay2016Ottawa, ON25
Okanii2015Toronto, ON25
EFT Canada2003Toronto, ON25
Clarity Payment2013Toronto, ON25
ChargeNational2010Montreal, QC25
Paystation1955Mississauga, ON24
UGO Wallet2014Toronto, ON23
Digitech Payments2011Montreal, QC23
Plooto2015Toronto, ON22
VoPay International Inc.2014Vancouver, BC20
Brim Financial2015Toronto, ON20
Payvida Solutions2013Vancouver, BC19
Lucova2014Toronto, ON19
netcents2006Vancouver, BC18
Tacit Innovations2012Toronto, ON17
MTFX Group1996Markham, ON17
Clear View KYC2017Vancouver, BC17
Buckzy2018Toronto, ON17
Ready2016Vancouver, BC15
Motion Pay2015Ottawa, ON14
RemitBee2015Mississauga, ON13
Curexe2015Toronto, ON13
U Remit2006Mississauga, ON11
Payment Rails2015Montreal, QC11
RiverPay2017Mississauga, ON10
Pungle2017Toronto, ON10
Clear Pay Corp2013Toronto, ON10
Alligato2008Vancouver, BC10
Paays Financial Technologies2018Toronto, ON9
CardSwap2009Toronto, ON8
Pllently2015Toronto, ON7
Omnigate2014Montreal, QC7
ChangeJar2014Ottawa, ON7
Teamwallet2014Montreal, QC6
Omnego2010Toronto, ON6
Agility Forex2013Vancouver, BC6
4Pay2012Richmond Hill, ON6
True North Payments2010Surrey, BC5
T360 Payment2015Montreal, QC5
Squares Union2014Montreal, QC5
Qicsend2013Toronto, ON5
Pllenty2016Toronto, ON5
KenyaPesa2013Ottawa, ON5
HostedPCI2009Toronto, ON5
CHK PLZ2018Montreal, QC5
PBH Canada2000Toronto, ON4
Finmark Financials2001Mississauga, ON4
Dwello2011Toronto, ON4
Payup Jack2016Markham, ON3
Netdollar2018Montreal, QC3
DivDot2018Victoria, ON3
AxePay2016Toronto, ON3
Sparcblock2017Mississauga, ON2
Otonom Solutions2008Montreal, QC2
Oro Services2014Calgary, AB2
Intelfolio2015Calgary, AB2
Digital Retail Apps2011Toronto, ON2
Click Payments2018Toronto, ON2
Canada Mobile Payments2014Toronto, ON2
BrokrBindr2018Beaconsfield, QC1
Virtual Next2011Toronto, ON
Universe Remit2014Ottawa, ON
TechTrex2003Toronto, ON
Saiesan Money Transfer2015Toronto, ON
Positive Inc2010Montreal, QC
Point of Sale Solutions2013Markham, ON
PayShake2019Regina, SK
Messenka2017Montreal, QC
Merchant Service Inc.NAOttawa, ON
Konnect Moblie Communications Inc.2019Montreal, QC
Interchange FinancialNAMarkham, ON
EFT TransitNAMontreal, QC